Ukhrul district hospital goes haywire after lone serving doctor falls sick


From John K Kaping
UKHRUL, November 4: In what could be a clear instance of neglected healthcare facilities in remote parts of the state, the 50-bedded district hospital at Ukhrul went haywire after the lone serving doctor fell sick and was admitted to a hospital in Imphal for treatment.

Medical Officer, Dr Meerachou who is the lone doctor at the hospital suddenly fell sick seriously while he was examining his patients at around 11:30 am today. In the absence of another doctor in the hospital, the nurses and other staffs remained standstill, helplessness and confused to help the ailing doctor.

The two ambulances parked inside the hospital campus also turned out to be useless stuffs with no driver besides the unavailability of fuel.

However, the doctor was referred to Dr Nelson’s clinic after a nurse communicated to Imphal. He was taken to the clinic in a private Maruti car. Dr Meerachou was again referred to Imphal Hospital for further treatment.

Meanwhile, the functioning of the hospital was completely paralyzed due to the absence of the lone doctor who has been admitted to a hospital in Imphal after getting seriously ill. The assistant coach of NEROCA, which is participating at the ongoing Shirui Lily football tournament, was also brought to the hospital after he was bleeding continuously. But, he had to return from the hospital due to the absence of the doctor and other staffs.


  1. Where are other doctors and medical staffs? Is this Govt Hospital meant to be run by only one MO? If it is the case so then the Govt is misearbly failed to understand the importance of implementing healthcare facilities to cover every citizen of the state. This failure is so bad in itself. And on the other hand if there is adequate staffs and manpowers ( doctors and support team) and infrastructures, then the curent situation and story reflects the sorry state of the medical staffs not understanding what kind of responsibilities and services they need to deliver. They need to understand that they serve the people not to serve themselves.


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