A failed democracy, a failed public


Leader Writer: Paojel Chaoba

India after being liberated from the British rule in 1947 has come a long way. The sub –continent has forged towards the future in myriad aspects of development and still continues.

The political genealogy of the Nation post-independence, according to veteran Indian journalist and syndicated columnist Kuldip Nayar in his book “Scoop”has more or less presented that the Gandhi lineage have monopolized the country’s politics.It may be or may not be so, but the Constitution of India lays down certain fundamental rights to protect and benefit its citizenry and Bills and Acts have to be passed and amended to concur with the change in times.

Being a developing country, huge funds have been pumped for effective administration of the states and various flagship programs have been initiated inclusive of many ‘Yojnas’.But, it is common talk and knowledge that corruption runs rampant  throughout the country including this state beyond the turtleneck. It has been the voice of the common man that the due from the government has not been received in totality.

The first Jan Lokpal Bill was first proposed in 1968 and passed in the 4th Lok Sabha in 1969 but could not get through the Rajya Sabha. Subsequently, Lokpal bills were introduced in later years, yet were never passed.

The Lokpal Bill provides for filing complaints of corruption against the prime minister, other ministers, and MPs , government servants. It is clear that for a less corrupted nation, the institution of the Lokpal is a must ,not only for removing the sense of injustice from the minds of deeply affected citizens but also to instill public confidence in the efficiency of the administrative machinery. Each time, after the bill was introduced to the house, it was referred to some committee for improvements either to a joint committee of parliament, or a departmental standing committee of the Home Ministry and before the government could take a final stand on the issue, the house was yet dissolved again following derogatory theatrics of the allies and opposition members of the UPA government. Justice has been delayed yet again.

To say that a blade of grass is stuck on the head of the robber and a person wiping his head at the instant is synonymous with the actions played by the members of the Rajya Sabha.It is logical that the corrupted would not want to pass the Lokpal Bill, the pathetic legislators along with those in power with their ill-gotten wealth would be booked and seized.

In retrospect, being a democracy,the public elect their representatives and states have their representatives as the Rajya Sabha member. Now, the blame cannot be left entirely to the members of the house but also the public must also be part of the liability. It is the public who have elected the corrupted politicians in the first place.One feels safe to say that ours is a Democrazy society as we yet re –elect and send up the scrupulous and unethical turncoats again and again.

Now, election time is here once again and full revelry amidst political conflict is observed in almost all constituencies of the state. Dinners each night, pipelines of liquor have been laid by each contending contestant following per unwritten election norms. Later, currency notes will be doled out to the voters. The lure of easy money is hard to resist, but it is that bought thumb impression on the biometric EVM machine which have delayed the passing of such a landmark as the Lokpal Bill. Even if the money has to be taken out of necessity,let us make sure to vote for the right candidate or in some scenarios, to the lesser evil.     

“You can fool some people some time ,but you cannot fool all the people all of the time”,quoting these lyrics from a song of Jamaican rebel singer Bob Marley.Let us hope ,pray and act that we the Manipuri people  one day wake up and be able to stand up for our rights.


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