Arrested UNLF chief criticises Union home minister for `no protest during blockade` statement


IMPHAL December 12: UNLF chairman RK Sanayaima alias Meghen along with thirteen other detainees of the said outfit was produced before the NIA court at Guwahati today.

Along with Meghen, M Joy, M Mani, O Somorjit, S Rakesh, W Noren, M Sarat, Kh Jiten, S Gune, M Ibohal, Ch Bembem, O Maniton, L Jateshwor and Th Prem who had been kept in judicial custody were given time for a defence counsel hearing today and the hearing for the same has been postponed till December 26.

The 14 including the UNLF chairman were produce before the NIA court so that the defence counsel could place its argument before the court however, the defence council citing some personal problems asked the court to defer the hearing for a later date considering which the court has postponed it for December 26.

Meanwhile, speaking to media persons while being taken to the court, the UNLF chairman stated that the people of the Manipur valley faced heavy hardship during the more than hundred days of economic blockade imposed along the national highways, however due to the good nature of the valley people, the issue didn’t blew out of control.

He further criticised the Union home minister P Chidambaram for his statement that no one had protested during the economic blockade as ridiculous and irresponsible and such words borders on causing ill feelings between the residents of the valley and the hills.

The more than 60 years of rule under the Indian government has brought nothing but communal disharmony and the rat race of seeking SC/ST/OBC status has further created divisions among the populace, he further stated.

He mentioned that it is only the valley residents who are not imposing their demands, exemplifying that valley residents are not given permanent settlement in the hills whereas those residing in the hills have ample opportunity to settle in the valley areas. Such petty politics, if left to practice will one day ultimately be catastrophic for both the public of the hills and valley, he added.

He further mentioned that whether it may be the demand for a Sadar Hills or for an alternative arrangement, prioritizing a particular sectarian issue will not solve the problems affecting the state at present.

Meghen also mentioned that the Look East Policy will bring no positive effects in the present circumstances the state is in but will harbinger more woes .He also added that the Tipaimukh Dam will be only exploitation in nature and the public need to rally against the building of the said dam. He stated that Manipur being in the seismic zone, smaller and medium power projects should be taken up instead of the massive ones which destroy the ecological balance.


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