Malls are charging Polythene/Plastic/Carry Bags


India is a place where we can do a lot of things if you have brain to fool people with the help our largest democracy scripts and which is one of the most horrible part when someone come to know what going on the existing system. As a common man in this largest democracy country, I am really shame on it to other decent Continents like Europe, America & Australia. In recent Quote from SWISS Bank Chairman – “India is a poor country however Indians are not poor.” Normal person who earns as hand to mouth can’t survive in this country. Everything which we need for day-to-day life have to fight for our rights otherwise the owners of the wide industrial honchos viz. Reliance, Aditya Bilra & Tata etc… They can move the Governance system, if they wish to do that. I am not blaming to them I am just blaming the system which they can impose without thinking the common man those who are facing such difficulties in their daily life. In this regards, I would like to share one of my experience when I was teaching in Private School in Manipur. At that time, I attended one Teachers’ Training and the Trainer taught us that you have to classified the concerned class as A,B & C wherein A could be considered as Excellent Students, B as Medium Students & C as not up to the mark Students respectively. Why do I mention this story because we can apply this theory to the existing society wherein our country is one of the second largest population country in this planet but at the same time we have facing poverty in many context of our life. So, every development should be based on C Class which is called as Below Poverty Line (BPL), if BPL can reach this level then the other A & B will be benefited automatically. Please do not take advantage of our Democracy system, we have to wake up to change the system, in this regards, I really proud of Anna Hazare who has brought our system to another level.

Here, the main purpose to write is that recently I went through some tough time with Malls’ Managers and their Management Team for Charging of Polythene/Plastic/Carry Bags which is not acceptable because the others like normal grocery shops and their part of packaging is still based on plastics/polythene/carry bags not in other way that means Environment Ministry’s restriction towards the ‘Free Plastic/Polythene Zone’ which is no use. I am not against the system of not using of plastics/polythene/Carry Bags but I am against the implementation system which is really called partiality with the development of existing society.

Why I am saying this because I have observed and researched in this matter within Pune City that all the Local Shops are still using polythene/plastic bags to the customers without charging of but all the Malls like More, Central, Westside, Big Bazaar & others are charging as follow:
1.Large Plastic Bag – Rs. 5.00

2.Medium Plastic Bag – Rs. 3.00

3.Small Plastic Bag – Rs. 1.00

When I asked/enquired about the charging of the bags, they told and showed me the resolution which was passed by their Association of Malls which really not acceptable for the common man of this country. I totally support their initiative towards pollution control but Malls are not the only caused to stop this system. We have to find out from the perspective of root cause and aware in this regards. Here I would request to the concern authority that please look into this matter on serious note. Our country is one of the fast developing countries as far as every aspect of development is concerned; we have reached beyond our expectation. For the same time, we have to make sure and to look into the matter minutely to rectify it with progression.

Lastly, I would request to the concern authority that please look into this matter for charging of plastic bags in Malls and balance accordingly. We would love to see in with positive response as soon as possible. On the other hand, if someone has come up with such kind of issue then that the person targets from some angles which is normal procedures for our country. However, spite of all this we have to struggle and rectify accordingly otherwise next generation will ask a valid question and there will be no answer because we can’t take any kind of initiative. As we have one proverb called – “A drop of water makes a mighty ocean.” If there will be leakage of some social matter then we will definitely come to know the value of water here. Henceforth, mobilization and awareness has to be in place in every subject of our livelihood so we will come to know what needs to be done or not as a common man. Every individual should be part this mission to find out what will be our convenience prosperity and going forward for the development of Secularism Country. We are all responsible for all because at the end of the day, we are the persons who are facing such silly matter one or the other. Taking into consideration, ignorance is so dangerous in this current scenario, so we have to be very much multitasking in every aspect as well as in any field.

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