Higher education and research constitute the backbone of University systems as they focus on the promotion of the human mind, the search for truth, the development of knowledge specialists, the evolution of culture, and the betterment of life in all its myriad manifestations.

While graduate education is largely geared to raise the level of employability of students, training them to play leadership roles in providing the services on which a developed society depends, such as chemists, accountants, nurses, social workers, psychologists, museum curators, professors, teachers, and business managers, research is central to our survival and advancement in a digitalized, knowledge-based, global economy.

Don Bosco University has set for itself a clear mission of playing a leading role in research and scholarship while ensuring a first-rate graduate education to our students that will provide them with the tools and skills to become active contributors to their society that nurtures them into agents of transformation of the same society.

Following the time-hallowed traditions of the great universities of the world, this University seeks to make itself a centre for culture, knowledge, research, Intellectual ferment, for critical thinking and analysis of whatever shapes and impacts human life, a centre that influences thinking, planning and policy making on vital aspects of social life such as religion, culture, society, politics, governance, education, health care, etc.

These objectives have been carefully enunciated to invite and attract the right type of candidates for research programmes in the University – we are looking for bright young men and women with a passion for excellence and scholarship, and experienced guides and mentors with a flair for enthusing young minds with the thirst ‘to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield’ to take on challenging research projects and assignments in the University.


The objective of the Ph. D. programme of the Assam Don Bosco University is to enable a scholar to undertake research which leads to a contribution to the body of existing knowledge characterized either by the discovery of new facts, solution of unsolved problems, development of new techniques or by reinterpretation of known facts or new solutions to problems. A research scholar who has completed the Ph.D. programme of the University should be capable of undertaking independent research and with further experience, should be able to guide others in research.

Admission and Eligibility

Candidates who have obtained at least 55% marks or a CGPA of 6.0 on a scale of 10 for Master’s Degree, M. Tech. or M. Phil. in the concerned subject or an allied subject are eligible to be admitted to the Ph. D. programme.

Candidates are required to appear for a written test and/or an interview to be conducted by the Board of Research Studies of Assam Don Bosco University. Candidates shall be selected for admission into the programme according to merit determined after giving suitable weightage to the following:

a) marks in the Master’s Degree/grades obtained at M. Phil./M. Tech.

b) performance in the test and/or interview

Admission shall be finalised on the basis of the number of seats available and the performance of the candidates.

The written test is not mandatory for a person who

a) has been awarded a fellowship on the basis of a national level examination recognised by UGC

b) has successfully completed a recognized M.Phil. programme

c) has completed at least one year of research in a research laboratory/university/institute of repute.

d) has Master’s degree in the relevant or allied subject and at least seven years’ experience of teaching, administration, management and specialized knowledge in the proposed field of research, to the satisfaction of the Board of Research Studies of the University.

e) is a teacher of this University.

In all cases, there will be an interview which will be organized by the Board of Research Studies at which the candidate discusses his/her research interest/area.

Course work

a) Candidates admitted for the Ph. D. programme will have to undergo a course work for a minimum period of one semester (six months). If a course in research methodology was included in the M.Phil./M.Tech. course work, the course work may be waived for a candidate who has completed M. Phil./M. Tech. course work with a minimum grade point of 6.00 out of 10, or equivalent.

b) Only candidates securing a minimum grade point of 6.00 in the course work will be permitted to continue in the programme.

c) A candidate who is unable to complete the coursework during the allocated course work session may be offered one more attempt during a subsequent course work session conducted by the University. One who is unable to complete the coursework during the two sessions may be required to discontinue the programme.


A candidate will be assigned a supervisor by the Board of Research Studies at the time of admission depending on the available specialisations among supervisors registered with the University and the research interest of the student If a candidate would like to work under a supervisor who is not on the faculty of the University, he/she should apply to the University for permission for the same. The University will make a decision on the request based on the norms laid down for empanelment of supervisors who are not members of the faculty of the University.


After the period of course work, a candidate should apply to the University for formal registration in the performa prescribed. The maximum permissible period between the date of admission and the date of formal registration for Ph.D. programme is 18 months.


The doctoral candidate will be required to prepare a thesis which will contain his/her research findings. The thesis should be a piece of research-work characterised either by the discovery of new facts or by fresh interpretation of facts or theories. In either case it should evince the candidate’s capacity for critical examination of ideas, original thinking and judgment. It should also be satisfactory as far as its literary presentation is concerned.

Pre-Submission Seminar

When the Supervisor is of the opinion that the thesis is in the final stage of completion, the scholar will be required to give a pre-submission seminar on his research findings.

Submission of Thesis

a) The candidate should have pursued research at the University for not less than two years from the date of registration for the Ph. D. programme, before s/he is eligible to submit the thesis. However, in the case of candidates admitted to the programme through an M. Phil./M.Tech., programme pursued in this University, s/he may submit the thesis one year after the registration.

b) The candidate is expected to submit his/her thesis within five years of the date of registration.

c) The candidate shall be required to publish one research paper in a referred journal before the submission of the thesis and produce evidence for the same in the form of acceptance letter or the reprint at the time of submission of the thesis.

Award of the Degree

The Ph. D. Degree will be awarded to the candidate based on the evaluation of the thesis by designated examiners and a Viva-Voce examination.


1. Obtain the Ph. D. Brochure of Assam Don Bosco University.

Cost of brochure : Rs. 500.00

Postage charges : Rs. 50.00 (if requesting by post)

Requests by post must be sent to

Registrar (Admissions),

Assam Don Bosco University, Airport Road

Azara, Guwahati – 781017

along with

a) a DD for the requisite amount, drawn in favour of “Assam Don Bosco University” payable at Guwahati,

b) your name, e-mail id and contact number

The brochure may be obtained online at

2. Visit the online application page of Assam Don Bosco University website (, follow the instructions given and enter the required information. When prompted, enter the Application Number and Password that will be provided to you when purchasing the Brochure.

3. Appear for DBU-ART (Don Bosco University ‘Aptitude for Research’ Test)

4. All candidates shortlisted on the basis of the aptitude test and other candidates exempted from the aptitude test will be required to attend an interview. The dates of the interview will be intimated personally.

5. Admissions will be given on the basis of the academic performance of the candidates and their performance at the aptitude test and/or interview.

The Ph. D. programme Course Work is expected to commence in February, 2012


Admission Fees : Rs. 10,000.00 (payable at admission)

Annual Fees : Rs. 20,000.00 (for Humanities)

Rs. 25,000.00 (for Science and Technology)

Registration Fees : Rs. 10,000.00 (payable at the time of final registration)

Incentive for faculty members of ADBU : 50% waiver of Annual Fees

Fees once paid are not refundable


The thrust areas for research for the intake in the session February – July 2012 are as given below:

Chemical Sciences*

a) Green Chemistry involving MW assisted reactions, solvent-free reactions, sonochemistry, ionic liquid mediated reactions, and aqueous phase organic reactions leading to novel biologically active molecules and agrochemicals.

b) Synthesis of novel heterocycles and study of their biological properties.

c) Computational Chemistry and Drug Discovery.

(* A few JRFs may be available)

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Power systems

Embedded systems


Electronics and Communication Engineering

Embedded systems


Biomedical instrumentation

Social Work
• Youth Development
• Women Empowerment
• Conflict, Peace and development
• Human Rights
• Sustainable Community Development

North East India Studies
• Culture, Religious Beliefs and Post-Modern Society in North-East India
• Ethnicity, Ideology and Identity Formation in North-East India
• A Philosophy of Culture for North-East India

Department of Comparative Religion
• Themes, symbols, myths and rituals among the world’s religions
• Beliefs and practices regarding the sacred, the numinous, the spiritual, the divine

Computer Science and Engineering
• Real Time Database Systems
• Digital Image/Signal Processing
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Software Engineering and Architecture
• e-Learning Technology

Business Administration
• Entrepreneurship
• Corporate Governance
• Marketing Management
• Human Resource Management

Mass Communication

• Philosophical and theological underpinnings of Communication
• Society, Development and Communication
• Media, Religion and Culture
• Media Ethics
• Tribal and Folk Media


Date : 4 February, 2012

Time : 11:00 am

The aptitude of the candidate in the following areas will be tested:
• English comprehension
• Logical and analytical ability
• awareness of research in the chosen area of study

Last date for application online : 31 January 2012


At the time of the interview, candidates are required to bring a write-up, not exceeding 300 words, which will delineate

a) area of study chosen for research

b) relevance of the proposed research

c) reason for the candidate’s interest in this area

Original Documents to be produced at the time of interview (for verification)

a) Academic documents (mark sheets, certificates from class X onwards)

b) Certificates of work experience (if any)

c) Proof of previous research experience (if any)

d) No objection certificate from the current employer, if currently employed

For further information, please contact

Registrar (admissions) : +919957032198

Co-ordinator of Research : +919436101222

Web :

e-mail :

Assam Don Bosco University

Airport Road, Azara, Guwahati – 781017, ASSAM

Web :

phone : +919435545754, +91361 2139291/92

fax : +91361 2841949

[box color=”blue”] This information was shared to us by Dr Yumnam Jayanta
For the Computer Science and Engineering area, serious candidate can contact him at [/box]


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