Maoist Communist Party Manipur boycotts general election


IMPHAL, Dec 26: The proscribe Maoist Communist Party, Manipur, in a statement, issued today said the outfit will boycott the upcoming Manipur legislative assembly election.

The outfit also celebrated the birth anniversary of Chairmen Mao at the office of the International Committee, the statement said

Giving reason for boycotting the upcoming election scheduled for January 28, 2012, the outfit said assembly elections in Manipur would never bring welfare to the people nor bring any development but it will only enhanced Indian system of rule.

While expressing apprehension that there is likelihood of chaos and tension amongst people apart from causing large scale killings during the upcoming election, the outfit said it would work towards preventing any incident which might create danger to lives of the people.

The outfit also appeal to all concerned not to organise entertainment programmes like Sumang Leela, musical concert till January 30, 2012. The outfit however said there will be no restriction in organizing musical concerts, Sumang Leela at BOAT not related with election as also screening of films at Cinema halls.

The outfit maintained that it is imposing ban on all election related functions like flag hoisting, public meeting, poster campaign, organising community feast etc.

While appealing the people to bring the Maoist movement to the right path of revolutionary movement, the outfit appeal people to boycott the Indian system of election.


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