Police clarifies on Ukhrul incident


ANSAM general secretary was summoned for anti-social act: police
IMPHAL, December 18: Ukhrul SP has clarified that the general secretary of All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur (ANSAM), Seth A Shatsang of Marem Village was summoned by the deputy commissioner for his anti-social act of giving interference to the working of government officials. 

A release of the SP stated that at around 1.30 pm yesterday Shatsang came to the gate of Mini Secretariat Ukhrul and authoritatively with criminal intimidation ordered the sentries of the gate to close the entrance gate during the bandh hours imposed by UNC. He threatened and used abusive language to the officer and the sentries on duty. The ANSAM secretary even physically assaulted one VDF personnel on duty by slapping on the face.

On receiving this information, Ukhrul DC ordered the SDPO to immediately arrest the person who forcefully tried to close the gate and book him under NSA.

Accordingly SDPO Ukhrul along with some police officers went toward TKS office with due consideration and intimated to Seth A Shatsang to come DC Ukhrul office. In spite of waiting for nearly 45 minutes, he did not come out of their office, it stated.

In the meantime, the DC was pressing hard to execute the order. So, some police officers entered into the TKS office to ensure that secretary ANSAM was coming to DC office. SDPO Ukhrul came and expressed his unhappiness for the delay. At this juncture, Shatsang physically challenged the SDPO and assaulted by kicking him. Other volunteers also joined in but he was taken outside the office. 

The unruly mob was increasing. SDPO blank fired three rounds and brought the situation under control. The secretary ANSAM was then taken to DC office after which president TKS also followed.

After giving strict warning to the president TKS and secretary ANSAM not to give interference to the government officials in the future, they were released by the DC.

However, at around 2.30 pm volunteers of TKS started mobilizing using mike by announcing wrong and illegal information to the public that the president TKS and secretary ANSAM were arrested by police and the office of TKS has been ransacked by district police, the release mentioned.

They instructed to the general public to come out with arms and lethal weapons to wage war against the lawful agencies. Within no time unruly mob numbering about 200/300 came towards the entrance gate Mini secretariat Ukhrul with deadly weapons. To disperse the mob some 20/30 round of shots were fired and disposed the mob.

One volunteer in drunken state holding baton shouted to the police saying all police personnel should be killed for they are not required. At that time, the police arrested him and produced for medical examination. He has been proved of consuming alcohol but he was later released in the evening on PR bond, the SP mentioned in the release.


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