UNLF dismisses DGP statement as mere propaganda


IMPHAL, Dec 26: The proscribed United National Liberation Front has strongly alleged that the statements made by Maj Gen Vijay Poonna and DGP Y Joykumar regarding the insurgency movement in Manipur during the surrender ceremony held on December 24 at 57th Mountain Division headquarters at Leimakhong are cheap propaganda.

A statement of the outfit issued by its senior publicity officer Ksh Yoiheiba has stated that all the killings, kidnappings and insurgency related incidents devoid of ideology and principle as happening in the state are handiworks of gangs formed by the Indian Army and few personnel of the Manipur Police Commandos led by the DGP Y Joykumar and this is understood by the people of Manipur.

While stating that all the fake encounters, surrender dramas and killings in Manipur are being perpetrated by Indian force and police commando to lower the status of the freedom movement in Manipur, the UNLF claimed this has been reported by the local media and the Tehelka also. Reacting strongly to DGP Y Joykumar’s statement made during the surrender ceremony, the UNLF said the state police chief is a person with no ideology and principle who do not want his people to go to the path of development and felt the taste of freedom.


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