ZSF charges UTLA of unlawful activities


From Kaimuanthang 
LAMKA, Dec 12 : The indulgence of  United Tribal Liberation Army , UTLA, a militant group in several unlawful activities including extortion, intimidation, kidnapping and the repeated threat to peace loving people at certain pockets  like in Phaijang areas of Thanlon sub-division and other civilians areas even after they have surrendered to authorities on October 27, 2011 is a major  cause of concern not only for the Zomi Students Federation , ZSF but also for the general public, stated ZSF.

Terming the UTLAs act perpetrated on the Zomi populace as unwarranted, the ZSF condemned it in the strongest term and urged the government and its machineries to take appropriate action on the surrendered armed group.

Narrating the sequences of incident the ZSF said, the group kidnapped one K. Jolpi  from Chiengkonpang on December 11 last and confiscated the timber he had brought and have not given the wood back till date.

Further, it has alleged that earlier they tortured one Neunu, 30, w/o Minthang who is to be the chief of Muntha village and added that the group engaged in telephonic intimidation and extortion demands to job card holders and indulged in monetary deduction from various forest products.

The ZSF said it will not remain as a mute spectator in the days to come if this type of unlawful activities towards innocent civilians remains uncontrolled.


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