Huge turn-out at Bangalore demonstration


IMPHAL, April 29: Over 1500 people from different walks of life and several organizations came out today at Town Hall, Bangalore, in protest against the murder of Richard Loitam, according to a press release.

The participants have collectively demanded the Karnakata government to thoroughly investigate the death of Richard Loitam, and the guilty be brought to justice. It has also called upon the Karantaka government to take action against the Acharya NRV School of architecture and its official for their negligence, false accusation and the cover-up in the death of Richard Loitam.

The gathering stood in silence and prayed for a minute for the departed soul of Richard. Slogans were shouted, protest songs were sung, banners and placards were held, candle light vigil was observed.

Many organizations/activists had demanded action against (into) the alleged murder case.

According to a press statement from the organizers of the Bangalore demonstration, Jagdish G Chandra – Convener, Peoples` Solidarity Concerns, Bangalore said, “The justice for Loitam Richard is a fundamental issue for all citizens. We want a society where (were) fear and violence is ended. Police authorities must do justice quickly and not falsify the case and shield the culprits. The college management should be held responsible for the homicide of Richard.”

Vice president of Naga Students’ Union Bangalore, Viko said “Is this the way we should be killed and send back (to) home in a coffin? We want justice and we should take this up with the higher authorities”, it quoted.

Representative of Justice of Richard, Monika Khangembam said, “It’s high time the management comes out clean and produces the culprits. There are enough evidences to show that it was a murder so police should start a thorough investigation.”

The statement further quoted another demonstrator Rahul Prasad of Juvenile care groups as, “I saw a banner here which says the college should be closed and I also would like to tell that the college should be closed till Richard gets justice”.

President of Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Jangkholen said, “This is a great opportunity for the folks from North-East to unite and fight for ourselves as we have learned a lesson from Richard’s murder”

The statement also quoted Herojit – Representative of Bangalore Manipur Student Association (BMSA) as, “If a student dies in his college hostel then the college authorities should take responsibility and also the government should protect the citizens/students coming from other states here.”

Sumiti Muthi a representative of Lesbith Group said “We (With) came in solidarity with the struggle of justice and this country has a tendency of fabricating false cases”, it further quoted.

Some of the organization that participated and supported the protest included South Indian cell for Human Rights, Zeliangrong  students’ union Bangalore, Kuki student`s Organizations Bangalore, Naga Student`s Union Bangalore, Thangkhul Student Union Bangalore, Juvenile care groups, Lesbith Association, Bangalore Manipur Student`s Union, Bangalore Meitei Association, Lotha Student`s Union Bangalore, Poumei Student`s Union, the statement added.


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