Richard`s mother appeals to Ashoka


IMPHAL, August 26: Dr Bidyabati mother of (L) Richard Loitam today submitted a memorandum to the visiting Karnataka Dy Chief Minister, R Ashoka regarding her (L) son’s high profile murder case. BE Architect 1st year student at the Archarya Institute of technology, Bangalore Richard Loitam was found dead on his hostel bed April last in Bangalore.


Protest against the murder of Loitam Richard at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on April 29
From Our Archives: Protest against the murder of Loitam Richard at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on April 29 . Photo By: Bobo Meitei. More Information on the Case of Richard Loitam (Click to view)

Bidyabati submitted the memorandum during a brief interaction between the Karnataka Dy CM and parents and students of students and professionals who had fled from Bangalore following the recent threats and assaults on NE people.

Speaking to IFP after the submission of the memorandum, Bidyabati said her son (L) Richard Loitam will not return however, she would not like what has happened to her son to repeat on anyone.

“How many more students does Karnataka want to sacrifice?”

“And how many mothers like herself had to weep?”

Searching for answers to these questions, she had placed the memorandum before the Karnataka Dy CM today, she said.

“Four months have passed and going to be five months since her son’s death, even then the Karnataka government is yet to bring justice which is denial of justice to the aggrieved family”, the mother said.

“As a result the Karnataka government should investigate the case at the earliest and punish all those involved according to the law of the land”.

“I have appealed to the Karnataka government that in case it is unable to bring justice to her son’s case, it should be handed over to the CBI at the earliest.”

“My family has not been informed if the Re-verification of post mortem report of her dead son which was conducted at the AIMS has reached the CID Special Branch”, she said when asked if she had any knowledge about the reports.

Dr Bidyabati continued that the Karnataka government has not informed the family about the progress of the case even, which shows that they are trying to cover up the truth.

When further asked if the family is contemplating to file any court cases against the Karnataka government, she expressed in the affirmative but concluded that they are yet to actually take it up.


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