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In a shocking incident, a youth from Arunachal Pradesh has reportedly been beaten to death during an altercation with some shopkeepers in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi India.

According to reports, the incident was sparked as the shopkeepers passed racist comments on the hair of the boy, which resulted in a heated argument. Following this, an altercation broke out between the youth and the shopkeepers.

However, police intervened and took the boy to the police station, but shortly after it, they dropped him back in the market. The shopkeepers, who were enraged, then began to attack the boy and reportedly beat him brutally. He subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

A petition has been initiated by Justice4Richard, a FB group which earlier spearheaded a nationwide movement against racial profiling, attacks and discrimination of North-East people, after Loitam Richard a student & a native of Manipur was killed in an alleged racial attack in his hostel room in Bangalore.

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Message from Justice4Richard:


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Full texts of the Petition:



Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India
Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission
Chief Minister, States & UTs of India
Chairperson, United Nations
Editor, National Media
Editor, International Media

The Prime Minister
Republic of India


1) Acknowledgement of presence of racism and racism-related crimes in India

2) Initiation of nation-wide concrete measures to address the issue

Copy to: Home Ministry, Chief Ministers, Media, NHRC, UN

Sir ,

We are writing to you again to remind you of the continued incidences of many more racism-related crimes; especially against the north-eastern people of India.

Sir, we to wish share our gratitude for the meeting on 8th May, 2009, where representatives of Justice for Richard (J4R) and Manipur Student Union Delhi (MSAD), along with Dr Meinya Thokchom (MP) and Changes.org had an opportunity to discuss the tragic death of Loitam Richard and racism in India.

Sir, we wish to remind that in the same meeting, you had categorically denied the presence of racism in the country. We also wish to remind that we are yet to see any concrete measures taken up towards bringing justice to Loitam Richard, even though you ensured that you would look into that tragic death of the 19 year old.

Sir, You might have heard of another young student from Arunachal Pradesh, Mr Nido Tania who was severely assaulted right in the heart of Delhi. He subsequently succumbed to his injuries. We strongly believe that the attack was racist in nature – spurred on by Nido’s mongoloid looks.

This, we believe, could have been prevented if the respected Prime Minister had acknowledged the presence of racism and had addressed this vital issue by implementing stringent and responsible actions.

We firmly believe there will be many more sad and tragic racism-related incidences and many more lives will be ruined. We are sad and can’t help being skeptical that the 21st century democratic government of India will not acknowledge these issues and there by fail to address them effectively.

We wish to remind the Honourable Prime Minister yet again that you, as the head of a Democratic nation, have the moral and legal responsibilities to instill and promote democratic and humanitarian ideals and nationalistic values. As such, we would like to bring forth the following demands to your kind attention and request you to please address them appropriately and urgently:

1) Address Racism in India in all educational establishments by ensuring compulsory education on racism.

2) Initiate mandatory induction training in all public and private sectors on racism and yearly update on the same.

3) Mandatory allocation of time for programs on all media houses to highlight and address racism.

4) Establishment of a special Judiciary & Supportive department, specifically related to racism and hate-related crimes.

5) Highlighting racism during national-level activities.

6) Judicial actions against individuals and institutions that undermine or ignore racism.

Sir, we believed that if you had addressed and initiated effective programs sooner, the north-eastern people wouldn’t have to suffer the way they are doing right now – being incessantly taunted and humiliated, and treated as outsiders in their very own country. Unfortunately, even today we are still witness to deplorable acts like the case of (L) Nido Tania’s colleagues who couldn’t even register an FIR in a police station, following his tragic death.

To this we request that you please consider taking responsibility and initiating the following actions immediately:

1) Terminate the appointment of the involved police forces and initiate immediate transparent investigation against them.

2) Punish the Murderers under fast track court.

3) All culprits to be booked under SC/ST Atrocities Prevention Act and not be granted anticipatory bail until charges proven false.

4) Fast track court for proper investigation and justice to the pending murder cases of Loitam Richard, Reingamphi Awungshi, Dana Sangma, Ramchanphy Hongray, etc.

5) Stringent Anti-Racism law to be introduced to protect the minority people from the North-eastern part of the country.

Sir, we hope and wish that we don’t have to remind you again of your responsibilities especially in acknowledging the basic facts and truth of some of the crimes of the most deplorable nature. We wish to urge upon to exercise your authority and power in promoting humanitarian values, especially not by denying the presence of racism.

Thanking you
[Your name]


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