Manipuris everywhere


The recent uproar over the killing of a Manipuri student studying Architecture in Bangalore is unprecedented in the sense that it is not invoking local interest but also in the social networks like the Facebook. There has been several instances of Manipuris being harassed or beaten up in major institutions spread across the nation, in the past. There is a trend of hordes of Manipuris studying in the same institution which sometimes lead to closing of ranks as against the mainland Indians. Several engineering students were beaten up in the past, sometimes leading to brain hemorrhage and brain malfunction while some are still handicapped. There are also instances in which Manipuri students had to flee hostels in the face of harassment and return to Manipur. Still, there are thousands of Manipuri young persons studying in various cities of India particularly in Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkatta and several other cities. Recently, a rapid increase in employment of Manipuris in several private sector companies and call centres has been seen given the prowess of the Manipuris in Information Technology. IT is one sector in which our youths have excelled. If one asks as to what our basic resources, we would simply answer that skilled persons are our main resource. Manipur might lack in natural resources or mineral resources, but we are lucky that has been made over out rich human resource. Our youth could excel in any field. We have examples of that in field of sports. Manipur is the reigning sports powerhouse in India; our sportsmen are employed in different government establishments in sports quota and playing in major clubs of India. We have that energy. Not only in sports, our youths are excelling in education in various disciplines be it in science or social sciences or humanities. The evidence of that could be seen from various newspapers where the reports of our students being feted or felicitated for passing with flying colors like first class first or distinction are being published frequently.
This shows the capability of our youth in education. In the IT sector also, there are scores of Manipuris working abroad and majority of the Manipuris employed in the city of Bangalore would in IT sector. There are scores working in the capital city of Delhi, where several instances of rape and murder of young persons from the North east and Manipur are reported. In such a scenario, one of the basic functions of the state government of Manipur should be to ensure the safety of Manipuris staying in various cities of India and to pursue with various state governments to take appropriate action whenever violent incidents involving Manipuris occur. Simply writing letters to the concerned state governments would not deliver the desired results. Manipur Home Minister Gaikhangam had written to the Karnataka Home Minister regarding the brutal murder of Loitam Richard and had deputed a DSP to Bangalore for overseeing the investigation of the Richard case. But, that is not enough. The state has to show that it is taking serious interest in the issue regarding the security of Manipuris elsewhere. If either the Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh or the Home Minister Gaikhangam visits Bangalore at this point of time to ensure swift investigation of the Richard case, it would certainly sent a message across the nation and the world that Manipur government cares for Manipuris wherever they may be. And it would surely help in ensuring the safety and security of Manipuris studying or staying in various parts of India. The Manipuri diaspora reflects the fact that, the talents of the Manipuris cannot be contained inside Manipur and it is determined to find outlets in areas where its talents are respected. We must indeed rejoice in our rich human resource and not whine upon the risksinvolved in it.


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