Manipur Cycle Club collaborates with European Manipuri Association to revive local water bodies


IMPHAL, May 27: Amidst a ever growing number from cycle enthusiasts, the 14th Critical Mass has been carried out today.

The Manipur Cycle club which hosts the event commenced from Paona Bazar , Jupiter Yambem Centre and participated in an awareness program for conserving local water bodies at Chingmeirong Maning Leikai.

Architect explaining about the plans. Photo Courtesy: Blomming Manipur Facebook Page

The initiative of conservation of local water bodies is undertaken by Elangbam Biswajeet, a medical officer based in the US United Kingdom and official of the European Manipuris Association under its ‘Blooming Manipur Project’.

Addressing a congregation of MCC members and locals of the area, Biswajeet and his team members highlighted the conservation of ‘Lai Pukhri’ located at the said area. Presenting a future developmental perspective of the pond on a poster hoarded at the site, he explained that beautification of the peripheral area by planting flowers and maintaining a zero garbage policy by the public will be beneficial aesthetically and further keep the make the water hygienic.

The activists conducted a plantation drive at the pond area today and cleaned out the garbage.

Speaking to IFP, Biswajeet stated that the effort is propagated to bring about a positive change in the environment and empowering the local community.

“We aim to create a sense of belongingness to this reservoir from the community, by planting flowers and further maintaining it, we hope to bring up community participation and bring about a holistic change in this area initially”, he said.

He added that the water of the pond was potable and used by the public before, but lack of civic sense and pollution has made it into a garbage dumping site. “ As we care for our children ,likewise we must have the same obligation to the environment”.

It may be mentioned that EMA carried out a city beautification process by planting flowers at Ima Keithel priorly.

The program was followed by a BMX stunt exhibition from MCC members at Chingmeirong which enthralled the locals.

The Critical Mass cycled along Palace Compound,Nongmeibung,Lamlong, Sanglakpham  and culminated at BT Park.



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