Manipur: World Music Day Celebration by the Club Muzik Events


21st of June, 2012 CLUB MUZIK EVENTS organized a World Music Day Celebration at Cinema Paradiso, Thangal Bazar-Imphal, Manipur. The day began with a formal function presided by the CME volunteers. With globalization taking shape even in the state it is high time we join this changing trend of the world. As a promoter of rock music in Manipur the Club Muzik Events appeal to the general public to not only stuck with our own personal and social trends but global movements. In this way we plant our culture and traditions among the world culture and grow as we share it far and wide.

Club Muzik Events thanked the artists, bands and individuals who came forward in a very short notice to participated and support the cause from their busy schedules. Among the artist who participated that day were Disintegrators, Bishikanta, Dojo, Rohit, Victor and Bishikanta, Rubicons, Inxhale, The Dirty Strikes, Sami with Inxhale and Pendulum Swing.

The day witnessed not only rock or English music but Manipuri and few self composes too. CME promises to observe the day every year.

* The event news is sent by Lukhendro Keisham, Media Team Coordinator, CLUB MUZIK EVENTS.


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