QUADRIVIUM – A Musical Clinic at Senapati, Manipur


Club Muzik and Hills Sound Reinforcement will organize a one day musical clinic called QUADRIVIUM on the 30th of June, 2012 at Senapati, Manipur. The workshop is a part of the Club Muzik’s venture to promote and uplift the local musicians and artist to strive to the present competitive scenario in the world music scene. With the sharing of knowledge and experiences on live music and it’s technicality the participants of the event will also come across artist, individuals, crews, promoters etc. in the field of rock music.

QUADRIVIUM 1.0, TNK Conference Hall, Senapati, Manipur
QUADRIVIUM 1.0, TNK Conference Hall, Senapati, Manipur

It is an open event to everyone with no restricted passes. Anyone who is interested in music are invited in the event.

Date: 30/06/12
Time: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Place: TNK Conference Hall, Senapati, Manipur.

Resource Person:
1. Punii – Vocal Technique
2. Amang – Tips on Gain Structure, EQ and Stage Performance.
3. Khunjaoba (Thoi) – Basic Drumming Lessons and Techniques.

Program Organized by :: Club Muzik  (https://www.facebook.com/clubmuzikevents)


For More Details Contact
Lukhendro Keisham – 09089408637
Media Team Co-Ordinator
Club Muzik
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