Tamei council alleges Vigilance Forum as self style


IMPHAL, June 14: The Village Authority Chairman Council (VACC) has condemned the “formation of a self-styled Tamei Vigilance Forum”.

The condemnation has been seconded by Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Tamei Area (ZSUTA) and Liangmai Naga Council, Tamei Zone (LNC), in a separate statement.

According to a release of the VACC said that Tamei Vigilance forum is being formed recently by a few self-serving people whose candidate was defeated in the recently held State Assembly Elections, and is just to counter/ sabotage the developmental works to be taken up by the people of the elected candidate.

VACC denied any meeting call or meeting circular given to any Village Authority Chairman or legitimate social organizations like Village Authority Chairman Council (VACC), Zeliangrong Union, Tamei Zone (ZU), Zeliangrong Baudi (ZB), Zeliangrong Students` Union, Tamei Area (ZSUTA), Liangmai Katimai Ruangdi (LNKR) etc for the formation of the vigilance forum.

It has further said that countering each other between the two defeated and elected parties will not bring any development in a neglected area like Tamei. This will only hamper development works in the backward area.

Village Authority Chairman Council (VACC) has also appealed to all the government`s departments, legitimate public organizations/ committees and general public not to cooperate with some organization/committees so formed for a few periods by some few people to serve their own selfish interests.


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