8 arrested for selling superfine at Ukhrul Manipur


IMPHAL, July 25: Ukhrul Police today arrested eight non-Manipuri shopkeepers of Ukhrul Bazar for selling super fine rice in the open at the Ukhrul Bazar. The eight were released later in the day after issuing fines as penalty.

The step has been taken up following a direct instruction from the Ukhrul Deputy Commissioner Sumant under the Essential Commodities Act, said a source.

Open sale of super fine rice is prohibited under the said Essential Commodities Act.

It is also learnt that the arrest conforms to the district administrations’ step to control siphoning off of commodities from the district CAF&PD godown and its sale in the open market.

During the raid, the police had also seized about 400 bags of 50 kgs from the shops. The bags were however left at the shops after entering the list of the commodities in a seizure memo.

The eight were later produced before the court of the Ukhrul District Magistrate and released with stern warnings and fines.


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