UBSA fined for misconduct in Kakching Super Division


IMPHAL, July 22: UBSA of Mantak will have to pay fines for misconduct in their match against SAO, Kakching in the ongoing 9th Leihao Devi Memorial Super Division League Football Tournament at DSA ground Kakching.

UBSA players after receiving six yellow cards during the match has been fined Rs 5000 according to the conduct rule of the tournament.

Meanwhile, both matches of the day ended in draws.

In the first ground match today, the match between UBSA and SAO ended in a 1-1 draw, with Sushilkumar scoring for SAO in the first half of the match and Ngamaneiril scoring the equalizer for UBSA in the second half of the match.

The six UBSA players who received Yellow cards for their miss-conduct are Bedinpaar, Chungneihen, Haneishong, Temson, Ngamneiril and Lelen while, three of the SAO players who received Yellow cards are Anil Kumar, Tinku and Romesh.

The second ground match between SWC, Keirak and YWU, Kakching ended in a 2-2 draw.

Romesh and Pravin scored one each for SWC while Samananda and Ghanashyam scored one each for YWU.

SWC, Waikhong will meet SAO, Kakching, while KFC, Kakching will meet YWU, Kakching on the July 25 at the same venue.


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