No Casualty, Manipuris In Bangalore, Parents Need Not Worry: MMA

Manipuri Meitei Association Bangalore –

By W Rorrkychand Singh

Regarding the ongoing communal riots in neighbouring Assam and its spill over impact to the people of North East residing in the rest of the India, Manipuri Meitei Association, Bangalore (MMA) clarifies that there are no reports of casualties and attacks to Manipuri people by local miscreants.

Speaking to Kanglaonline, publicity department of MMA, said that, the recent reports about attacks/assaults in Bangalore are just a spurious and so far there is no reports of casualty in the city.

Appealing to all the Manipuris residing in Bangalore and their parents and relatives not to worry/panic, MMA said that since there have been some reports of such attacks in other cities we should be cautious to prevent from possible attacks. The report of attacks to North East people is not a direct impact of the prevailing communal riots in neighboring Assam, it’s a fake and rumour.

However, taking the advantage of the issue, when inquired, it’s reported that some of the local miscreant threat people from North East, but it seems to be no connection with the Assam communal issue.

Appealing all the media organization, especially print media in the state not to sensitize with the issue, MMA suggested that, as a consequence of spurious media report, it might lead to another mishap in Manipur.

Meanwhile, a case of stabbing a Tibetan has been reported in Mysore, but the exact cause of the incident is not unknown. But there are no reports of assault to Manipuri people residing in the city so far.

It also suggest that all the North East people who are residing in the rest of the India to contact local police and to call respective help line numbers when such a attack and possible attacks are visible in the area.



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