Pune Attacks: TKLI condemns attack on Manipuri students


MAnipur,IMPHAL, August 13: Tangkhul Katamnao Long Imphal (TKLI) has strongly reacted against the recent mysterious attacks on the Manipuri students in particular and the North-East students in general particularly in Kondhwa and Poona College, Camp area, Pune.

According to a release of TKLI said that despite the lack of prima facie evidences, it may be invariably assumed that some misguided Muslim gangsters are behind such perpetration. The recent spate of attacks came up not long after the Muslim-Bodo clash in Assam and it co-terminates with the protest against Assam riots that by Muslims that turned violent in Mumbai.

“We warn the attackers to retract from such lowly conducts driven by communal motives. It can only evolve into serious country wide unrest and can be highly self-destructive to them in the sense that the victims may resolve to avenge in the same manner where they constitute the majority,” it said.

“The north east people have been simmering with anger for racial prejudice and intolerance in the Indian mainland cities for a long period of time. Recalling the tragic deaths of a few north-east students body would be inclined to fix the entire responsibility to the communal driven attackers in case any tragic incidents recur on the north eastern people,” it further said.

Further it has urged the state government to take up precautionary measures by discussing the issue with their counterparts where such incidents are reported.


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