Two bombs exploded at different places yesterday


IMPHAL, August 23: A hand grenade was lobbed by unidentified person(s) at a scrap dealer shop near Light House Cinema Hall which is located a few metres away from the Churachandpur Police Station last night at around 8 pm.

According to a report received from the police, the shop is owned by a non-Manipuri identified as Ramchandra from Bihar. The grenade exploded but there were no reports of casualties. A case has been registered by the Churachandpur Police Station.

Meanwhile, a powerful bomb exploded yesterday around 1:15 am which was fitted on a transformer of electricity department at Wangjing Cherapur by unidentified person(s).

The explosion was so powerful that it is believed that it could have been an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) which was planted on the transformer and made the explosion using a timer device.

The explosion has caused serious damage to the transformer leading to black out of the area. 

A case has been registered by the police in regard to the incident.   


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