Assam Rifles replies to Moreh pharmacy closures


Manipur, IMPHAL, September 12: Reacting to the reported incidents of pharmachies shutting down shutters against AR harassment of transporters along the NH 2, a PIB press statement has clarified that AR has sensitized the local population about drug abuse and its rampant trade in the border area.

Of Iate there have number of inputs received about few influential medical shops/pharmacy, in collusion with other element, being involved in trafficking of banned drugs from Imphal to Moreh”, it said.

“Seizure of such consignment besides preventing unlawful activities causes immense loss to these anti-social elements who in turn try and project such instances giving it an entirely different fillip by misleading local population thereby hoping to demoralise enforcing agencies and thus expecting smooth and unhindered passage of future illegalconsignments.”

“It is retreated that Assam Rifles is only carrying out deliberate checking only at Khudenthabi post alongwith police. At other places mobile check post are establish on rare occasion only on specific intelligence”, the statement claimed.

“A awareness conference was held at Moreh between AR officials and Border Trade and Chamber of Commerce on 12 Sep 12. During the meeting the issue was explained to all members, and it was informed that NCB has issued state of the art testing kits for drugs to Assam Rifles wherein the test is conducted in front of the vehicle owners only”, it said.

The statement has also said that the AR have conducted several awareness campaigns on drug abuse and trafficking.


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