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Cadres arrested in Delhi not URF: Lanheiba Meitei

IMPHAL, Jan 4: A press statement signed by Lanheiba Meitei, Chairman of the United Revolutionory Front (URF) has reacted against the charges leveled by Sanjeev Yadav (DCP Special Cell) saying there was no relation to the activities of KCP Faction Lamyanbo Khuman. Earlier, the DCP Special Cell had notified that two KCP cadres had been arrested in Delhi. The statement clarified that URF had no knowledge of the two cadres who were arrested but said that the names matched two cadres who were earlier in another group.

It further added that the said cadres after joining URF were living  the temporary designated camp under 10 Assam

Riffles, which is strictly against any illegal activities with outside movement being restricted. The statement said such charges will hamper the peace talks with the Government and affirmed that URF was committed to the terms and conditions laid down by the State and Central Government.



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