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Leader Writer: Wangkheimayum Bhupendra Singh The issue of unemployment seems to have taken a backseat to other issues confronting the state today. The prospect of employment has never been bright in the state, nonetheless the people has also forgotten that unemployment is the root cause of many issues that we face today. However what is surprisingly welcoming for a change is while everyone has been moaning about lack of employment opportunities and when many a youth are flocking out of the state in search of jobs, a woman has been not only helping her husband in their scooter workshop, but have been directly involved in the workshop without any hitch or complaint in a bid to help earn the extra buck for her family. IFP had recently reported about a woman working alongside her husband at his scooter workshop. She started out with only washing and polishing the vehicles, however after observing her husband she became a master herself. As is the case of many women of the state, Soibam Radhamani could be and should be a role model for many including the youths who have been complaining of unemployment. For a society, where women have never shied away from leading from the front, it is not hard to believe whenever a woman accomplishes an exemplary feat. The state’s history is amply filled with exemplary instances when women have not only led from the front but had outdone their male counterparts on many counts. Notwithstanding all the conflicts – interests as well as physical – coming up in the state on a daily basis, every woman in our society has their own individual story to tell – tales of grit, sacrifice, hard work and love and Radhamani too has her own to tell which hopefully will encourage the youth of today.
The problem of unemployment is global and the most affected lot is the youth. Causes of unemployment could be various- it could be the global economic condition or it could also be the individual’s inability to find work or decision to remain so. What is intriguing at this juncture is the fact that most parents in our society visualize only a government job as a job for their children. The fact that government jobs come with job security could have influenced this thinking. However, people should also understand that the security that one gets from the government jobs could be received from other jobs as well albeit a different route. If one manage to lift his or her own credibility to be good enough thanthe individual will always be in demand, which means he will not have to worry about getting employment.  Getting a job according to one’s own expectation has become as hard as anything could be but the next best thing or sensible thing one can do is find out one’s positive points and start out with it. The important thing here for the people to understand is that while the easier part is to find a job, the harder part is to maintain the quality of one’s work for which one needs a lot more grit, patience, hard work and other positive qualities than one need in getting a job. More importantly what is more indispensable than job security is whether one can ensure the job satisfaction that one is entitled to after a hard day’s work. Every job has its own unique essence and beauty, which is hard for someone outside the trade to understand and feel.


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