Locals nab woman working for `fake surrender`


IMPHAL, January 18: Even as allegations against the Assam Rifles for trying to fake surrender programs by sending out scouts to bring in youths are yet to be settled, locals of Khurai Chingangbam Leikai today nabbed a woman for allegedly trying to lure in youths to participate in a surrender program of the 5th BN 9th Gorkha Regiment.
The woman has been identified as Haorungbam Chitra (60) wife of (L) Ibopishak Singh of the same locality.
Locals alleged that the woman was nabbed while she was trying to convince one Thangjam Gambhini of the locality around 9 pm to surrender her son. Locals said that Gambhini’s son is an auto rickshaw driver.
Meanwhile, Chitra’s son identified as Kabui, 30 who was accompanying her during the incident managed to flee from the area.
The locals who had gathered till late in the night further alleged that the mother and son duo had already visited three other homes in the locality taking the proposal for the surrender program.
While speaking to Gambhini, Chitra and her son Kabui had told her that her son’s name and photo is in a list of the Gorkha Regiment and it would be best if he could surrender at the earliest. The two also tried to lure Gambhini by saying that the security forces will give them money once they participate in the surrender program.
Meanwhile, the woman who was surrounded by the locals questioning her alleged action, continued to miantain that she has done nothing wrong. She said she was only coming out to control her inebriated son.
She conceded that her son was a cadre of the PREPAK, though she was unable to confirm the faction of the outfit when quizzed by this IFP reporter.
She further elaborated that her son had surrendered at the Gorkha Regiment at Kwakta and added that she had accompanied her son during the surrender program.
However, once the locals started to pressurize her to tell the truth, she said that she had seen Gambhini’s son’s name and picture at the Army camp during the surrender of her son and as such she had gone to only inform her family about it to approach the army and end the matter at the earliest. Meanwhile, the locals when asked if the police had been informed replied in the negative.


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