Forward Bloc holds state conference


IMPHAL, July 29: The All India Forward Bloc, Manipur State Council today held its second Manipur State Conference at Laipham Khunou Community Hall with Shymal Roy, Central Committee Member & North East in charge, All India Forward Bloc; Laishram Sotinkumar Singh, CPI leader; Kh Apanthoi Mangang, Chairman, All India forward Bloc, Manipur State Council; Khomdram Gyaneswor Singh, General Secretary, All India forward Bloc, Manipur State Council and K Manoranjan, Manipur State RSP leader on the dais.

While giving the general secretary’s report, Kh Gyaneswor Singh said that while the poor people of Manipur in particular and India in general is facing food shortage; however due to the failure of the public distribution system in the country, a large amount of food get spoiled, which are sold off to other countries at minimum rate for their animal consumption.

L Sotinkumar appealed before the gathering to strengthen left politics in Manipur so as to address the grievances of the people of Manipur and all.

He continued that there is robbery on the national highways in broad daylight in disguise manner of tax collection.

He further added that since business cannot be run with loss, the tax amounts collected illegally along the NHs are ultimately collected from the common people by the business people.

The present Govt has turned politics into a most profitable business while the Chief Minister of Tripura is the poorest CM in the country, Sotinkumar said.

He further continued to add that the Congress Govt of the state is projecting PPP as an alternative model for development while the reality of their interest in PPP is nothing but to invest their money in PPP.

Shymal Roy, the North East in charge of Forward Bloc has said that number does not matter in left politics but spirit of the people gathering in the meeting is more important than the number while reminding the establishment of Forward Bloc by Netaji Subhaschandra Bose and its related history with Manipur in the last World War.

He said that anti people policy should be denounced adding that it is the duty of Govt both at the Centre and State to make available PDS items and other essential commodities in times of natural calamities and when even the supply line remain cut off.

Shymal Roy further continued to inform the gathering that the commercialization of education is against the spirit of the Constitution of India before adding that Congress is diving people in the name of religion, in the name of caste, in the name of what they seem it favourable to them so that they could hold power of the people.

On the present scenario of the state, he said that the price of petrol at Rs 120 per litre is beyond all imagination and concluded his address by appealing to fight against the anti people policy.


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