Trucks encounter another setback along NH 37


IMPHAL, July 29: Several loaded trucks coming along the Imphal-Jiribam (NH-37) Highway have been stranded near the Barak Bridge.

It is learnt that the said trucks are all fully loaded and had left Jiribam for Imphal around 5.30 am today.

However, just before reaching Barak Bridge, the trucks could not continue any further following mechanical defects.

Several trucks encountered spring breakage around 2:05 pm today and had to stop their journey.

Meanwhile, other loaded trucks including fuel tankers which were coming behind the ill-fated trucks have also remained stranded.

On hearing of the incident, a team of BRTF equipped with JCB rushed in at the spot and tried to side off the trucks which got struck but failed to completely clear the trucks till late this evening.

It is also reported that there are around 400 trucks which had left Jiribam for Imphal today evening including 70 trucks loaded with petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG bullet trucks.

Once the trucks which got struck due to mechanical failure are repaired soon, they could reach Imphal by tomorrow evening.

Meanwhile, altogether 918 loaded trucks including 182 trucks with FCI rice, 213 cement trucks, 16 medicine trucks, 26 LPG carriers , 26 petrol carriers , 16 diesel carriers, 30 trucks with urea, two trucks with oxygen, two with kerosene and other 405 loaded trucks have left Jiribam for Imphal with tight security escort today morning.


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