Trust or no Trust?


The ‘honor killing’ episode generated by Irom Sharmila had failed to settle down even after a week. Sharmila’s overtures to her trust, the Just Peace Foundation Thursday by exonerating its members from the charges she allegedly leveled in the contentious news report of NDTV might have just bought an appeasement with the foundation. But will it be enough to erase the disrepute that the foundation insisted they had suffered. Not quiet, it seems. While appreciating the iconic human rights activist for her clarification, the trust has announced that it is hell bent on suing the news channel and overruling her request to drop the defamation suit.

Even if Sharmila had felt disappointed over the lack of support from the JPF, it is worth pondering whether her emotional outpour was necessary. It would have been fairer if she had sought to sort out the differences with the foundation (or family members) on a personal level rather than waiting for an interview. The public castigation of her supporters will be hurtful to all including herself.    

Sharmila enjoys the affection of the people of Manipur. The whole state has been following her campaign for years. What she says and do matters to lakhs of Manipuris, whether she is aware of it or not. If she commands, her trust will be overflowing with public donation. In other words, should she wish to make contribution for alleviation of humanity and their sufferings around the world she should not have felt disheartened so easily so as to go public, especially through the national media who has little empathy with the sentiments we share as proven from time to time. One cannot just pour out his heart, risk the reputation of others and still expect total compliance without expecting others to defend themselves.  Everyone should measure their words if it means putting a public campaign at jeopardy. 


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