CCpur teachers demand salary


CCPUR, Dec 7: The  infamous saying of Manipur `hayeng` meaning tomorrow has extended too far for the govt teachers recruited in 2011 as they are yet to get their salary since September 2013.

The Churachandpur District Primary Teachers’ Association 2011 is up in arms against the govt’s indifferent toward the association/teachers who in all likelihood will be missing their salary in the festive month of December 2013.

The president and secretary of the association Mangcha Haokip and  Muanthang Valte told media persons today that the teachers have been victimised by the Govt  by providing promises after promise, without any efforts to redress the grievances like post creation, and accord them in the Manipur Govt. Employment List (MGEL) (which has  been changed to Computerization Personal Information System, CPIS).

They said that if the govt can sanction salaries for Ningolchak kouba prior to the celebration, why it can’t do the same for the upcoming X-Mass in CCpur which is predominantly Christian inhabited.

Regarding the failure to update their names in the MGEL, the association further asked why the govt is hesitating to act even after the minister of Education, Manipur on July 17, 2012 had in writing notified that “the govt  will try to finalize updating the MGEL at the earliest which will not be later than three months.”

The association also asked “Are we penalized for doing our work sincerely when the Govt has the habit of stalling its promises?”

She continued that the teachers are posted in the far-flung areas, which require a lot of money, whereas the govt is very negligible in releasing their salaries.

They further questioned why the Govt hasn’t created the post after they are legitimately recruited following DPC in 2011?

They express their hardship while at the same time reiterated that most of them are the bread-earners for their family.

Muanthang, one of the primary teachers lamented that they are made to serve as the other MGEL compliance teachers, especially during election time, and with the MP election on the cards, the teachers who are without their service book and ID card are at risk.

In regard to the salary, the association further pressed the govt for their MGEL, lest the teachers will suffer to an extent that they will be force to take drastic measure.

It may be recall that the DPC for 1423 primary teacher ,132 Hindi primary teacher and 48 Hindi graduate teacher was held on February 6, 2010 and the selected candidates were given appointment order under govt order no 1/3/2-4/07-DE(S).

But post creation had not been finalized (which also means that the govt recruited them without the post being available) and the teachers are still struggling to get their MGEL (CPIS) till now.   

A select few have already received their MGEL, but that too was the result of post availability, they claimed.

It is interesting to note that the state cabinet, after taking teacher as primary teacher as was  advertised, gave its consent  on July 20, 2013  to create 498 post of primary teachers and 130 posts of Hindi matriculate teacher to accommodate this candidate recruited through DPC, but it is yet to see the light of the day.

In an interesting development the cabinet in one of its order, clumsily said 130  ‘Hindi matriculate post’ for recruitment of Hindi primary teachers, however and after a big hue and cry by the association the cabinet approve and amend their mistake on July 29, 2013 and change it to “Hindi primary teacher”.

They then promises to made good of the CPIS  hurdle  which,as of now, is only in word  and the most they do is extending  the MGEL relaxation for three month  at the most from time to time which fortunately  will not be settle till post creation  is finalized .

Most of the teachers are now in big problems as they are unable to clear the tuition fees of their children.

The teachers who last received their salary for August this year, are more in problem, with the festive season coming they are unable to buy winter provisions for their family particularly their kids, as one Hindi primary teacher Nuanuam confided that with her husband unemployed and her three kids and parent depending on her income it’s a tough call for her.


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