Govt must provide help for fencing to agri-horti farmers: Chandel MLA



CHANDEL, December 15: “The government or concerned departments must make provision of fencing for hard working farmers for obtaining maximum profit of the agriculture or horticulture products” said St Nunghlung Victor MLA of 41 A/C Chandel.

The MLA made this statement on December 14 while speaking to this correspondent after visiting an Eastern Border Area Horticulture cum Fish Farm at Vomku village in Chandel district, alongside his voyage to inspect the completed road work stretched from Monsang Pantha to Duthang via Larong and Libung village which was implemented under the MLA Local Fund by Sulam Area Chiefs’ Association (SACA)

During the inspection and the appreciation service hosted by SACA, in connection with the completion of the road being completed under his initiative, the Chandel MLA was accompanied by media, social leaders and special contractor HL Lovingson. It might be mentioned that development of Sulam road work stretched from Monsang Pantha to Duthang via Larong and Libung village road, with a distance of about 40 km, began on November 18, last.

St Nunghlung Victor, in his important speech during the appreciation service, expressed deep satisfaction over the work and assured the gathering of necessary help to complete the remaining works. He also added that singling at selected portion of that road will be completed by next month when he advised the Chiefs to identify those portions.

Dwelling on the problems of water supply in the area, the MLA informed that augmentation of water supply scheme for Sulam Area is in the pipeline. He also stressed on the need of developing the present stretched of road for quick facilitation of transport services between Chandel and Moreh town.

SACA’s Chairman Lorshing Lamkang and ZChief of Paraolon, Secretary of the Association Ts Kanlun and Chief of Larong and BD Wolngam Chief of Duthang in their speeches thanked the MLA for taking keen interest in developmental works. They thanked the MLA for sparing the Local MLA Fund for developing the road of their area taken by them as a big Christmas gift.

The MLA also pointed out that the farm, despite of having all natural resources necessary for promotion of the farm such as source of irrigation with a perennial river flowing by the side of the farm, a fertile soil, failed to fetch return to the farmer due to which the MLA identified, lack of fencing, wild animals and stray cattle as the main cause of the failure of the farm.

He stated that the horticulture farm with a size of more than one PARI with an orange plant population of more than 10000 and 8 Nos of ponds measuring 100×50 has turn out to be a grazing field due to inability of its owner to  bear the cost of fencing and the materials.

Saying that he visited the horticulture farm in order to find out the potential of the farm and explore the maximum possible ways on the part of the government to extend best possible help to the farmer manning the farm, the MLA opined and made his recommendation that the govt and the concerned department must make arrangements for providing fencing schemes to farmers so that farmers are not disappointed and discouraged with crop loss due to wild animals or stray cattle.

The  Chandel representative also informed of the disheartening response of the farmers he received during the interaction he had with the farmer and his assurance of drawing attention of the government to this issue for the larger interest of the farmers.


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