International classical dancers to attend classical dance festival in state


IMPHAL, December 5: In connection with the 76th Vyasa Pujah (birthday) ceremony of BS Damodara Swami Srila Sripada, the INDICLAD International Indian Classical Dance Festival, 2013 will be held on December 8, 2013 said Ajit Das, chairman, organizing committee in the Manipur Press Club at 3 pm.

During the observation, several renowned dancers of various dance forms including the Manipuri Classical Dance form will be shown during the festival.

Some of the world famous artiste lined up for the festival includes Odyssey Sita from France, Tamanna Rahaman and her Manipur Rasa dance groupe from Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, Tamanna Rahaman said that it is her second time in Manipur.

Her first time in the state was when she had performed solo in the year 2010.

Continuing her press briefing, she said this time she has brought her Manipur Rasa dancers.

Preforming in the state of Manipur is very special to her, she told the media persons.

On being asked who her guru was, she said she received training from Shanti Bala Singh from Manipur.

She started learning the dance form from the year 1982 and continued for five years and then continued her training under Bipin Singh for six years from 1993, she said.

She has also completed her Masters in Manipuri Dance from the Rabindra Bharti University in Kolkata.


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