Intl human rights law workshop


IMPHAL, December 30: A one-day workshop on United Nations- International Humanitarian Law and Armed Forces (special power) Act 1958 was held at the State Youth Hostel Imphal organized by United NGO Mission, Manipur today.

Executive director, Human Right Alert, L Babloo spoke on International Humanitarian Law and its application in international and internal armed conflicts.

He said that the International Humanitarian Law is a set of rules to limit the effects of armed conflicts.

The core of the law is to protect groups who no longer want to take active part in hostilities and warfare, he said before adding that the humanitarian law is applicable to a conflict between two different countries but even if the conflict in internal.

He lamented that since the Indian government has been claiming that the country is peaceful and has no internal conflict, the International Humanitarian Law has overlooked the country.

On the contrary, the country is presently in a conflict situation and the state is in various forms of conflicts.

During the workshop, Women Action for Development, secretary M Sobita spoke on the topic ‘Rape as an instrument of war’.


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