Police highlight 2013 achievements


IMPHAL, December 31: While greeting the people of the state on the occasion of the New Year, the Manipur Police has also stated its achievements in the passing year.

According to a press statement of the PRO, Police department, Manipur, during the year 2013, Manipur Police in close coordination with other security forces deployed in the State, maintained law and order, besides prevention and detection of crime.

A total of 629 insurgents were arrested, while three were killed in encounters, it said.

The department also dispose of as many as 2304 (two thousand three hundred and four) cases from investigation including 259 (two hundred and fifty nine) cases by filing charge sheet in the jurisdictional courts, said the PRO police statement.

Other achievements of the department include 155 insurgents surrendering; 83 arms, 1334 ammunitions and 150 hand grenades seized, the statement said.

During 2013, one RDX; 10 IEDs; 4.5 kg of plastic explosives; 10 TNT of 5.25 kgs; 400 gms of explosive powder were also recovered/seized.

A total of Rs 14,28,585 was also recovered by the department during the year, said the statement.

Further according to the statement, utilisation of manpower was optimised by way of rationalisation of deployment to cover security of VIPs, important government offices, vital installations, public places to ensure their safety and security.

“Due to coordinated effort of police and SFs, as many as five valley based extremist groups and one hill based UG group signed MoU with government of India and government of Manipur during 2013.”

The MoUs involved “Home Coming” of nearly 400 insurgents along with surrender of huge number of arms and ammunition, it said.

“The subversive activities of both hill and valley based UG groups were under check. However, sporadic incidents involving misguided youth indulging in violence resulted in loss of life and damage to property”, it claimed.

Manipur Police on its own and in joint operations with security forces achieved spectacular success in containing the movement and activities of insurgents, said the PRO Police department said.

Further elaborating on the action taken up by the department, it said, “An action plan has been put in place to secure the Imphal Municipal areas from the activities of anti-social elements and subversive activities of insurgents.”

A round the clock security covers of all vulnerable areas of lmphal Municipality resulted in enhanced sense of security amongst the people, it said.

“Manipur Police achieved success in checking the menace of drugs by way of pro-active enforcement work.”

The concerted efforts resulted in seizure of large quantities of contraband drugs including 1.3 kgs of Heroin; 2300.605 kgs of Ganja; 49.65 kgs of Opium; 72 gms of Brown Sugar; 9134 strips and 305798 capsules of Spasmo Proxyvon; 4849 tablets of N-l 0 tablets; 2063 bottles of 100ml and 4.5 litres of cough syrups; 105 kgs, 178810 strips and 3728406 tablets of pseudoephedrine; 1142 tablets of Amphetamine tablets, said the statement.

“During the year, emphasis was laid on early detection and prosecution of offenders who indulged in commission of conventional crimes”, it further said.

The focused approach resulted in disposal of as many as 2304 (two thousand three hundred and four) cases from investigation including 259 (two hundred and fifty nine) cases by filing charge sheet in the jurisdictional courts, said the PRO police statement.

During the coming year, Manipur Police plans to modernise its functioning by enhancing mobility of the force, upgrading their striking capability with induction of sophisticated weapons, increasing the office space and housing satisfaction level of lower subordinates, procuring security gadgets to professionalise its working, it said.

Efforts are also on to upgrade the knowledge and skills of all field operatives including commandos by putting them through Refresher Training Courses, it said.

Manipur Police appeals to the members of public for their continued support and cooperation to enable it to fulfil its mandate in maintaining peace and tranquillity in the society, besides timely detection and prosecution of offenders, it said.


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