`MSCW recieved highest number of complaints of crimes against women in 2012`


IMPHAL, December 12: Manipur State Commission for Women received the highest number of complaints of crimes against women and also the highest number of disposal of such cases in 2012, stated Meghachandra Sharma, advisor of the commission.

Since the commission was constituted there had been 420 cases registered to the commission, out of which 360 cases have been given relief to the satisfaction of the complainants and respondents. At the moment, 60 cases is still pending and their completion will take four-five months, going by the present rate of closure of 4-5 cases per month, he said.

The year recorded a high occurrence of violence acts against women and many of the cases were wrongly claimed as suicide cases initially. However, following investigation including spot enquiries many of them turned out to be victims of homicides and out of whom many had been raped before they were killed.

The disclosures were made during the 7th Foundation Day celebration of Manipur State Commission for Women observed at the Kuranganayani Hall, Imphal West DC complex today.

Meghachandra further pointed out that the commission was established on the same day of the historical Nupi Lal day. In June 26, 2006, the president of India passed an Act which was published in the gazette of the state government. First, it functioned from Bal Bhawan with Jamini as chairperson and Lingjaneng Gangte as the other member from September 15, 2007.

The commission is for empowerment of the women and bridge the gap between the people and the government.

In his speech, Director of Prosecution Tejkumar said restaurants in Manipur have become the graveyard for young innocent girls. The women are discriminated by the women themselves, for example by their mother-in-laws much frequently than the males. The life of a widow is very difficult in our society and they faced stigmatisation and discrimination from their family members, he stated. He highlighted the fact that the commission is working for those women who do not have family income after the death of their husbands.

In the state context rape case is very common and more seriously even disabled girls are being raped, he stated. There were over 100 reported cases of rapes last year, he stated while mentioning that the numbers of cases which had not been reported must be around 200-300.  After the conviction of the rapists in the U-morok and TG Student cases there is a likelihood that the incidents could declined, he stated informing that the final hearing of the rape case of Mayang Imphal involving a man who raped his own daughter-in-law will be conducted tomorrow.

He added that the root cause of the crime is drugs and alcoholism in our society. Many women are victimized by the users. He cited indecent restaurants and mobile phones among a few contributing factors for rise in crimes against women. He called for prohibition of such restaurants and use of mobile phones by girls below the age of 18 years.

The people should not be deterred from reporting crimes against women to the police because they are the qualified persons to give punishment, Tejkumar added.

MA Halim Choudhury, chairperson of Manipur State Minorities Commission; Dr L Ibetombi chairperson Manipur State Commission for Women and June Rose Vaiphei, H Petishowri, members of the function were the main invitees.


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