Muslim Welfare Organization organizes foundation day


IMPHAL, December7: The parliamentary secretary of Minority and Other Backward Classes (MOBC), Md Amin Shah appealed to all to work for the student and bring development in the state for the minority people and also work betterment for the state.

He was speaking at the gathering of the 3rd Foundation Day of the Manipur Muslims Welfare Organization today.
The foundation day was held today at Manipur Press Club.

Md Amin Shah Parliamentary Secretary, (MOBC and SC), Manipur State Hajj Committee, MLA Kshtrigao A/C was the chief Guest, Md Fajurahim, chairman WALF BOARD, Manipur, was the special guest, FM Abdullah Pathon, president MMWO was the president and Moulana Abdus Salam, chief Advisor, MMWO; KT Rahman, Advisor, AMUCO; VM Hapatur Rahman, advisor, PSO; Kheiruddin Shah, Ex-President, AMMOCOC; Md Ahmend Ali, retired Treasury Officer; Md Rabi Khan, general secretary (MALSO), Manipur, Jawan Singh, Principal Ram Krishna Hr Secondary School, Ghari were the guests of honour.

Md Amin Shah said that the fund for MOBC is very small which is distributed mainly to the Muslim widow and other minorities.

From 2011 to 2013, the MOBC had been given scholarship to minority people. Out of 20000 students, 6000 were already deposited in their account. And the remaining students will also be given when the necessary opening of their account is completed.

Clarifying on the unreleased of the funds, he said that the funds are not released as the school name and the student names provided were not matching.

He further clarified that the department is not forfeiting the money.

He further said that it is not useful uploading this issue in the social networking side. And different civil organization has to look forward and check properly instead of hearing from someone.

Md Amin said that the funds are coming from the central government.  


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