Observation of Nupilal concludes


IMPHAL, December 30: The fortnight long observance of Nupilal organized by Ideal Club Tera Keithel concluded today.

The observance was inaugurated on December 12.

The president of Irabot Foundation Manipur Thounajam Iboyaima; RK Ranendrajit, the advisor of IPSA Ibotombi Khuman, the vice-president of Parenting Forum Oinam Nabakumar and the president of Ideal Club Tera Keithel Thingom Mangi attended the function as presidium members of the function.

In his keynote address, Tikendrajit mentioned that the responsibility of women in the present environment is increasing due to various factors.

During the function, Ph Shakhi, president of AMKIL said that the people of the state should join together and face the challenges unitedly.

She further called upon all to support each other and fight for a common goal.

She further opined that the people of Manipur has now been reduced to the status of servants of India as the people of the state is depended on the Centre for every matter.

Ema Leirikleima, president Kanglamei said that people need to recall the history of the woman of the Manipuri society.

She further said that people of the present generation should follow the footprints of the late women warriors and join together so that the people of the state could be fought common cause unitedly.


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