Widespread poisoning of migratory birds reported at Loktak Lake


BISHNUPUR, December 5: Amidst increasing concerns following reports of widespread poisoning of migratory birds in various parts of Loktak Lake, an unfortunate sighting of the unscrupulous elements at work has confirmed the reports.

Today, a team of about 10 individuals from Karang Village of Bishnupur District were seen applying poison on the mouth of fishes and waiting for the birds to take the bait at Jaral Mathak Masang Ithing.

A number of birds that ate the poisoned fishes were seen floating dead downstream which were collected by the waiting hunters.

A number of concerned social activists and naturalists expressed dissatisfaction at the continuation of widespread massacre of the migratory birds and questioned the safety of such practice on the lives of those who are depending on the lake for their livelihood as well as those who consume the poisoned birds, while appealing to the relevant government departments to look into the matter.

It may be mentioned that in Siberia, there has been widespread celebrations, feeding facilities and welcoming rituals for the migratory birds which are increasing in number, while the people in our State are still mentally prepared to kill as many of these birds as possible, raising questions as to when such prehistoric survival instincts of these individuals will change for the better, and what kind of legacy will these people leave behind for their children?


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