Computers stolen from govt school


IMPHAL, January 14: Miscreants broke into the computer room of the Thamchet Junior High School, Nongmeibung Pungmathak and took away five computer sets along with a multi core processor (CPU).

The robbery was detected this morning around 10.30 am by a woman who has been acting as the chowkidar of the said school.

She informed her son who later informed the school teachers.

Though the locks were broken, the door was found closed, informed a source.

Ten computers were provided to the school under the SSA some years back. While the miscreants took away five computer sets, they also left behind five other computers.

The door of the computer room was locked using two locks.

Everything other than the five computers and the processor inside the room were left untouched by the culprits, which amazed the school authorities on what could be the reason.

The things which had been left behind by the miscreants include tables, chairs, five other computers, solar lamp battery, carpets etc.

The miscreants had also left behind a gas burner and a cylinder which was just near by the door.

Later, the school teachers informed the police and a formal complaint filed.


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