Rape confirmed; body of five year old girl cremated


CCPUR, January 9: The body of the four year and nine month old Zizinmoo was laid to rest at the New Lamka cemetery under the aegis of Young Paite Association, YPA headquarter, LAMKA.

Several organisations of the district including Child Welfare Committee, CWC, Action for Woman and Child Advancement also paid their condolence.

Meanwhile, a team of forensic experts from Imphal conducted the post mortem and confirm rape and strangulation. According to the report, both thigh bones of the girl were also fractured.

Sources also informed that the CCpur police had apprehended a suspect in the case, however, it cannot be confirm till the filling of this report.

The lone ADCC woman member Zamnu who was a witness during the conduct of the post mortem said that she will do her best to provide justice to the family and bring the culprit to book.

She further called upon the people to work together to bring the culprit to justice, and further asserted that her mission is to fight for the victim till the end.

A core member of the CWC, Danial also said that the committee will be providing all possible help and support to get justice for the child and further demanded that those involved be booked under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offense Act 2011.

Meanwhile, several Lamka residents have expressed shock and anger and declared that such incidents have no place in the modern society.


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