BJP stages sit in protest against crimes against NE people in Delhi


IMPHAL, February 11: BJP, today staged a sit-in-protest in front of its office against the crimes committed in Delhi against North-East people. Th  Chaoba, president BJP state unit said that the killing of Nido Taniam, 18, the rape of a young girl and assault on two women is condemned by the BJP.

He further said that without including the seven north-east states India cannot be complete. He expressed that the differences in physical features of the north-eastern people have been victimised for very long ago and the government of India has not taken the problem seriously. He continued that the government of India is not making any of the law for the protection of the north-east people.

He expressed that in western countries white people dominated the black but after a common law were made the president of United States was a black person.

He further continued that they will submit to the Parliament and the upcoming Assembly session to makes a proper law as soon as possible for the north- eastern people to save them from such harassment.

Meanwhie, the convenor of the Joint Students Co-ordination Committee (JSCC) which includes AMSU, MSF,KSA, SUK, AIMS,  Thangjam Premanda, said that people of North-East India especially in mainland areas are looked down by the local people even today. He further said that incidents should be taken proper care by the government. He urged the government of India to make a prompt decision for the safety of the people from the North-East. He further said that state government should take action related to these issues. The incident was also condemned by the JSCC. He further said that the JSCC has imposed a curfew on the movement of non-Manipuris from 5am till 12 pm tomorrow. The committee has stated that street vendors should not operate during the period.

He further said that when non- Manipur get problems in Manipur they are given security by the state government but when people from the state are under threat in Delhi, they are not getting support from the local government.

He further said that government should take immediate action and not confine their roles to giving out verbal statements. He further said that Delhi is the capital of India but after a few years it will become the rape capital. He further demanded that the perpetrators should be punished.


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