ZSUM not to support ATSUM blockade


IMPHAL, Feb 11: Taking into consideration the merit and demerit of launching the economic blockade, the Zeliangrong Students` Union Manipur (ZSUM) has reaffirmed not to support the proposed economic blockade launched by the “splinter group of ATSUM” under the leadership of Emboi Serto as the group does not have the mandate of the federating units with the exception of SDSA and some vested individuals.

According to a press release of the student body, “Having gone through the litmus test of the fifty two days, one hundred plus and 63 days of economic blockade imposed by different civil organizations at different points of time, demanding charter of demands which yielded no positive result with the exception of signing an MoU with the agitating organizations, it is not only the valley people who are inflicted when economic blockade is launched. The loss incurred in terms of crores of rupees by the state government is a heavy price, it said.

It is for all to understand either conventionally or Code ATSUM, that the constituent federating units of ATSUM are the hill based district students` organization- viz. the ZSUM, CDSU, NSUC, TKS and SDSA. Unfortunately, the SDSA in close collaboration with unrepresented individuals is surfacing their ugly heads in the name of ATSUM to draw attention from the public as if they are rendering a selfless service for the cause of the Tribal. The issues being raised by the splinter groups in the name of ATSUM without the mandate of the federating unit is what matters and not the demands, it said.

The solidarity and unity of the hill men shouldn`t be hijacked to serve the vested interest of those individuals who have been awarded crore of rupees for contract works at different hill districts of Manipur.

The issues being flashed in the newspaper with a threat is a replica of what has been frequently discussed and deliberated for implementation in the official talk between the GoM and ATSUM under the charismatic leadership of Muan Tombing and Vareiyo Shatsang and therefore, the mandated ATSUM with the unflinching support of all the federating units of ZSUM, TKS, CDSU and other subordinate bodies like the Maring Students` Union Anal Students` Union, Aimol Students` and Thadou Students` Association will never allow launching of the Economic blockade in the Tribal inhabited areas, it said.

So as to avoid the proposed economic blockade, the ZSUM volunteers will be deployed to all the strategic areas to ensure free passage in the National High Way -37, it concluded.


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