Finalisation of LS candidates by February end: MPP


IMPHAL, February 3: The Manipur Peoples’ Party has today announced that the party will finalise its candidates for the upcoming 14th Lok Sabha election soon.

Addressing media persons, spokesperson, Heikrujam Nabashyam said that the party will finalise its candidates for the LS poll before the end of February.

He further criticised the Armed Forces Special Powers Act as a racist act; and said the people should not denounced it only as a draconian act.

On the reports of two Manipuri women being assaulted at the national capital, he reacted strongly , saying that there have been several cases of racism against the people of the North East in mainland India in the past three-four years.

He lambasted the three Members of Parliament from the state; and said they are there to sleep in Delhi.

Even in their presence at New Delhi, there have been several cases of crimes against students from the North East, he opined.

He said, the Indian government has always denied that the mainland Indians are racist to the people of North East.

However, after the recent incidents of the death of Arunachal Pradesh student, Nido and the reported assault of two Manipuri students in Delhi, the Indian government must accept that racism does occur.

Since, the centre is wholly responsible for the law and order situation in the national capital, the centre must take the blame for any crisis befalling the North Easterners in Delhi.

He further elaborated on the need of the government to frame a policy to handle racism cases in the national capital.

Like his predecessor, Sheila Dixit, who had assured full, control and protection of the people of north east as the chief minister, Arvind Kjriwal has also failed to act, he said.

He further lamented that the state government has continued to remain silent even after two women of the state were brutally assaulted.

The government must react immediately, he said before urging the Prime Minister to interfere and take proper action against all those involved at the earliest.

Nabashyam further said the incident cannot be taken lightly, and the MPs of the state need to take immediate and proper action at the earliest.

He further attracted the personal attention of state Governor VK Duggal on the reported assault of two women from the state.

He further appealed to the civil organisations of the state to initiate a platform for debate on whether AFSPA is a racist act or not and on how it found its root in a democratic country.


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