KNO/KRA(U) awards capital punishment to renegades


KANGPOKPI, February 2: Kuki Revolutionary Army (Unification) which is under the umbrella of KNO, a SoO signatory awarded capital punishment to two of its own cadres on January 30.

Letgoulien Chongloi alias Kenedy of Jangnoi Village, Saikul and Janggouthang Chongloi alias JC Michael of Taphou Kuki Village were awarded death penalty (Capital Punishment) for their activities against the constitution of the organization on January 30, said the outfit’s info and pub secy Rohan Khongsai in a press release without disclosing the location of the incident.

Rohan further said that the duo were trying to float a new party by defecting from the outfit along with some sophisticated weapons while adding that they were apprehended on January 30 along with the weapons by the outfit itself and were awarded the befitting punishment.

The statement informed everyone including civil bodies, family members and relatives of the duo against getting involved and organising any activities regarding the incident instead stay away from it and warned to serve befitting punishment to anyone involved in the incident.

The outfit also make their stand clear to take appropriate and suitable punishment to its cadres who works against the constitution of the organization in future.


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