SEACDO alleges ZEO of irregular office attendance


CHANDEL, Feb 7: The Socio-Economic and Cultural Development Organization (SEACDO), Kanankhu Chandel district and District Vigilance Committee (DVC) Chandel in a joint statement issued today, have alleged the Zonal Education Officer Chandel F Lazuithangi of being irregular in attending her office.

The ZEO of Chandel, according to the released jointly signed by President of SEACDO Ts Willingson and president DVC BD Betha, attended office once in a month. And this has made her staffs irrespective of local and non-local irresponsible in their duties thereby causing lots of difficulties and inconvenience to the general public.

The statement also further alleged the ZEO of improper implementation of the Centrally Sponsored schemes under SSA since 2012-2013. Excluding Community Mobilization and Teachers’ Training, all other funds including Mid Day Meal (MDM), Fund for out of School Children under Non Residential Bridge Course (NRBC) and Residential Bridge Course (RBC) have been alleged of misappropriation.

It is also stated that in connection with the irregularity of the ZEO, the DVC had earlier informed Deputy Commissioner and requested for necessary action against the officer However, no action taken report is visible so far.

The statement appealed to the entire Chiefs’ Association, student’s bodies, NGOs to extend cooperation in wiping out such irregularities and corruption in the district and work united for better cause of the district.


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