Senapati buses cease service, KRA asks to resume


KANGGUI, February 7: Passenger buses along NH-2 stopping service for the past two days has led to tremendous hardship particularly to the locals.

A well placed source informed that the Bus Association of Senapati, Kanggui and Motbung ceased passenger service and stay out of the road for the past two days due to monetary demand of Rs.5 lakh to the associations by suspected KNO/KRA.

The Association which is not in a position to pay the demand of the organization ceased the service due to fear, added the source.

In the meantime, one responsible leader of Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA) said that a monetary demand has been placed to the bus association but considering the tremendous hardship faced by the people due to the absence of bus service along the highway we asked the association to resume their daily service.

The leader further continued that though they asked the association to resume their service they are not willing to resume before adding that there is some hidden agenda on the part of the association for not willing to resume their service.

While washing off their hands from the incident, the KRA leader said that they have nothing to do with the non-plying of passengers buses along the highway since they have given a green signal for the resumption of services considering the public sentiments and hardships faced by people.

“If they, even after the green signal to resume their service, are not willing to take the road; the association will bear all responsibility towards the general public misery”, said the KRA leader.

While informing the association leaders to shed their discriminatory attitude and work collectively for the welfare of the general public, the KRA pointed out that they were transparently aware of the intention of the association leaders but avoid executing even reasonable activities in the interest of the general public.


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