Sit in protest held against grenade attack


IMPHAL, Feb 11: A sit-in-protest was held today at Sagolband Lukram Leirak for the placing of bombs on Monday around 8.30 pm at the residence of Salam Rupakumar.

His family member said that this incident is the third time happening. Instead of planting of bombs, peaceful methods should be adopted, said the family members.

Secretary general of Lukram Leirak Youth Clubs Lukram Tejkumar said that it should not be happening again in the residential areas as casualty to innocent public can occur. He further said that instead of bomb attacks they can talk about their demands with family members. He further said that it should not be repeated again in the future.

Apunba Meira Paibi member L Sobita said that the area falls within those with high movement of people. Moreover people are also playing in this community hall so civilian casualty could have happened.


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