Tightening The Secure Belt


By Bobo Khuraijam

Every living creature on this planet seeks to be protected. Mr. Darwin must have taken extra long time to arrive at ground breaking propositions about the living species inhabiting on it. The transformation and the metamorphosis of the living creatures, as he seem to have postulated, takes thousand and thousand of years with a complex process.  Survival of the fittest, as we are told is one of his most acclaimed works as far as the theory of evolution is concern. We at the Leipung do not have the audacity and cerebral ingenuity to muse on the complex phenomenal conjecture like the great man, Darwin, or any other gifted earthlings. However, our limited faculty, which we have in little, seems to forsake us. Those who have survived by virtue of their fitness need an extra protection to survive, now! Of all the living creatures, human seems to need the most. Like other creature the newly born needs a lot of protection. A little unlike other creature the aged human needs protection as well. We need to protect ourselves from diseases. That must be the reason why we invented doctor and medicine. Very much unlike the other creature our body needs protection with the change of every season. We protect ourselves with different kinds of garments. We also need to protect ourselves from environmental changes like rain, thunder, storm and wind etc., a little like other creatures. One would say these are all out of our ‘sense of security’. Agreed, we have to. One needs to be secured to be protected. But behold, there are different ways of protecting oneself.

IMAGINARY BOUNDERY: needs to be protected. These boundaries are drawn on an imaginary plane by the human beings. A country has to protect its boundary from another country. It means a human cannot cross a protective boundary drawn mutually (and sometimes not mutually) between two sides. Our school teacher in her history classes had repeatedly told us that all great wars are fought because of the breach in the boundary. Now, news papers and television harangue us from time to time that some people had tried to cross our boundary, sometimes from the North or South, East or west. And that our people who are assigned to protect our boundary have managed to shoot them down with modern sophisticated weaponry. If at all those who were trying to cross the boundary succeeds in their attempt, they are sure to be hunted down by people who have been paid to protect us: So much for the security. The ships, the jets, the submarines … they were all invented to protect us. Protect us from anybody who tried to cross our border. Other creatures like the birds and animals seem to cross the boundary without any hassles. This strange fact has even influenced writers, poets and lyricist to penned stories, poems and songs on it. Hey, we are not trying to be anyone of those. We simply love to muse about it because we are overwhelmed by the sense of


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