UNLF wishes people on MPA`s 27th Raising Day


IMPHAL, February 8: The acting chairmen, Military Affairs Committee of the UNLF, Khundongbam Pambei has wished the people of Manipur on the 27th Raising Day of the outfit’s armed wing Manipur People’s Army which falls on February 9.

The MPA is able to fight with the Indian army because of the people’s support, said a statement of the acting chairman before expressing gratitude to the people for the support.

It is weapons and not satyagraha that the movement needs to face the mighty Indian army, it said.

Even though India practices ‘Parliamentary democracy’, the people of the region “WESEA” have no freedom to peacefully express their wants, it continued.

The message further said that the people continue to live under the army rule; suppressed by several Acts. And so, the movement cannot be fought peacefully without weapons, it said.

It is also said that under the outfit, the MPA since its inception 27 years ago, had fought several battles against the Indian forces.

During the last 27 year’s MPA had fought more than 165 times with the Indian forces, during which several Indian army personnel had been killed or maimed, while, the MPA had also lost many, the message said.

The MPA understands and knows that in the last three-four years, the sounds of fighting with the Indian forces have somewhat lessened, it observed. However, the MPA will continue to fight against the army, it said.

As part of its strategy for the coming years, the MPA will encourage better relation with the people to strengthen the movement, it said.

The MPA will also seek to strengthen the collective force of the groups operating in WESEA by working together, it further asserted.

The outfit will also join forces with the armed wings of other groups, it said.

The statement further said that around 1980, after people started getting information about the imposition of AFSPA in Manipur, communities using their ethnic costumes as flags held mass demonstrations against the  imposition of the Act, and in 2004, there was also a mass unrest demanding repeal of the Act, the statement said.

However, today people have started forgetting such uprisings, it continued.

Today around 60000 Indian forces, 10000 VDF personnel and around 30000 police are utilised in Manipur, the statement said.

Owing to the several schemes of India, there are also certain cadres of outfits’ including that of MPA who without a proper understanding have surrendered to India, it further said before adding that it could also mean that India’s counter-insurgency policy has been going on successfully.

The manner in which India’s military strategy is faced by seperate outfits of WESEA is different, mainly between the outfits of Manipur and others, it observed.

Due to the recent happenings like “racial profiling” and other unwanted incidents, the need for a collective struggle in the region has also arise, it said.

It further lamented that India has been using the ‘Peace talk’ trap to hook the outfits.

The UNLF, MAC further greet and show respect to all the leaders and personnel of all the outfits and the people of the region, it said.


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