Body formed to check intoxicant abuse in Kwakta


BISHNUPUR, March 23: Following a series of meetings convened since March 2, 2014 at Kwakta bazar, the Municipal Council, Kwakta Youth Association and Jamiatul Ulana Hind Bishnupur district have formed an apex body Anjumani En Islami Muashirah with the main objective to ban abusing and selling of intoxicants in the Kwakta area.

The newly formed body will also check the increasing crime rate, gambling, robbery, crime against women and children in the Kwakta area.

President of the newly formed body, Moulana Islahudding Qasmi asserted Kwakta has today become a business centre for drugs and intoxicants.

People coming from Loktak Project, Ningthoukhong, Moirang, Churachandpur and others are seen lining up in open queues to buy drugs and other intoxicants in Kwakta, he observed.

He said various intoxicants especially cough syrups, SP tablets, heroin/no 4, Kani are sold in the area.

Further condemning all kinds of vice committed in the area, he said women of all communities including Tribal, Muslim and Meiteis from other villages come and stealthily stay overnight in the area. He identified the places as Thangjing Road, Tera Khongshangbi and bazar areas.

The president further lamented that due to all these, people from 14 to 40 years old have become addicted to intoxicants in Kwakta and the rate of students going for higher studies after their class X have come down.

127 students passed their Class X exam in 2011-12, 135 in 2012-13, and in 2013-14, 178 students had appeared for the exam and there is an apprehension among the local populace as to how many will pass the exam, he said elaborating on the effects of the unwarranted activities in the locality.

Considering all these issues, the public of the area has been force to come out in unison against the drug culture, he observed.


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